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The Department of Entomology
The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Pollinators health

Pathogens, viruses in particular, are a main threat to wild and managed pollinator populations worldwide. Our studies focus on mapping patterns of virus prevalence in bee communities, exploring intra- and inter-specific transmission of viruses in these communities, and elucidating the underlying mechanisms. We study the effects of virus infection on bee survival and behavior, and possible implication for the delivery of pollination services.

Selected publications

Selected publications

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Cohen, E., G. B. Quistad and J. E. Casida, 1966. Cytotoxicity of nimbolide, epoxyazadiradione and other limonoids from neem insecticide. Life Sci. 58, 1075-1081.

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  • Introduction to Pest Control
  • Chemical Control of Pests
  • Toxicology of Pesticides




Roy Kaspi 

Research title: Development of techniques for monitoring, trapping and destroying colonies of Apis florea 
Co-hosted by: Prof. Sharon Shafir


Thomas Neeson 

Research title: Taxonomic and ecological factors affecting the reliability of higher taxa surrogates 
Co-hosted by: Prof. Moshe Coll