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The Department of Entomology
The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
P.O Box 12, Rehovot 76100, ISRAEL

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Selected publications

Selected publications

Cohen, E. 1987. Chitin biochemistry: Synthesis and inhibition. Annu. Rev. Entomol. 32, 71-93.

Cohen, E., G. B. Quistad and J. E. Casida, 1966. Cytotoxicity of nimbolide, epoxyazadiradione and other limonoids from neem insecticide. Life Sci. 58, 1075-1081.

Cohen, E., T. Joseph and M. Wasserman-Golan, 2001. Photostabilization of biocontrol agents by berberine. Intern. J. Pest Manag. 47, 63-67.



  • Introduction to Pest Control
  • Chemical Control of Pests
  • Toxicology of Pesticides




Roy Kaspi 2009-2010

Research title: Development of techniques for monitoring, trapping and destroying colonies of Apis florea 
Co-hosted by: Prof. Sharon Shafir


Thomas Neeson 2011-2012

Research title: Taxonomic and ecological factors affecting the reliability of higher taxa surrogates 
Co-hosted by: Prof. Moshe Coll


Principal Investigator

Yael Mandelik, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services


Ph.D. Biodiversity Conservation, Tel Aviv University, 2005
M.Sc. Ecology and Environmental Quality, Tel Aviv University, 1999
B.Sc. Animal Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1996

Research interests


Selected papers

  • Sela, I., & Appelbaum, SW. (1962). Occurrence of antiviral factor in virus-infected plants. Virology 17: 543-548.
  • Nitzany, FE., & Sela, I. (1962). Interference between cucumber mosaic virus and tobacco mosaic virus on different hosts. Virology 17: 549-553.
  • Sela, I., Harpaz, I., & Birk, Y. (1964). Separation of a highly active antiviral factor from virus-infected plants. Virology 22: 446-451.


  • Introduction to Molecular Biology
  • Experimental Aspects in Molecular Biology
  • Laboratory Training in Molecular Biology
  • Virology
  • Biotechnology for Law Students



Research Interest

  • A universal platform (IL-60) for expression and silencing in plants.
  • The use of the IL60 platform for protecting plants from viruses, bacteria (including phytoplasmas) and fungi.
  • Innate immunity in plants.
  • RNA silencing of plant and viral gene expression.
  • Integration of viral RNA sequences into host genomes.
  • Bee viruses.

In His Memory

Prof. Ilan Sela passed away in May 2017

לזכר פרופ' אילן סלע

פרופ' אילן סלע, וירולוג, מבכירי החוקרים של הפקולטה לחקלאות ברחובות הובא למנוחות אתמול אחר הצהריים. בן 81 במותו.

פרופ' אילן סלע היה איש חזון, ראה תמיד למרחוק, ושאף למתוח את גבולות המדע לכיוונים יישומיים. הוא היה חלוץ הביולוגיה המולקולארית בפקולטה לחקלאות, ובתחילת שנות השמונים היה מיוזמי ומקימי מרכז אוטו ורבורג לביוטכנולוגיה בחקלאות.