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The Department of Entomology
The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Roy Kaspi 

Research title: Development of techniques for monitoring, trapping and destroying colonies of Apis florea 
Co-hosted by: Prof. Sharon Shafir


Thomas Neeson 

Research title: Taxonomic and ecological factors affecting the reliability of higher taxa surrogates 
Co-hosted by: Prof. Moshe Coll

ראה גם: Yael Mandelik

Ohad Afik 

Research title: The effect of pollinator diversity on pollination and yield of watermelon

ראה גם: Yael Mandelik

Jessica Schaeckermann  

Research title: The effect of sowing wild flowers along watermelon field edges on the diversity and abundance of pollinators and natural enemies.

Co-hosted by: Prof. Moshe Coll

ראה גם: Yael Mandelik


PhD students

Gideon Pisanty

Thesis title: Pollination services in Mediterranean natural- agricultural systems: assessing wild bees' contribution to crop pollination and the effects of land use on them.

Thesis abstractPDF

ראה גם: Yael Mandelik

Ariella Gotlieb

Ariella is interested in nature conservation and in the effects of human disturbance on natural ecosystems. She has a B.Sc. in Biology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She studied the effects of stone-mining on biodiversity in the ancient delta of Wadi Tze’elim during her M.Sc. in Ecology in Tel Aviv University. Her PhD research (also in Ecology, Tel Aviv University) looked into the effects of human settlements in the desert on local plant and bee communities and on local pollination networks.

ראה גם: Yael Mandelik



Yael Hollender 

Thesis title: Biodiversity and pollination services provided by bees in natural and anthropogenic landscapes of the Arava Rift Valley 
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ראה גם: Yael Mandelik

Eliav Rothholz 

Thesis title: The influence of post-fire salvage logging on soil- dwelling arthropods and implications on biodiversity conservation 
Thesis abstractPDF

ראה גם: Yael Mandelik

Hilla Carmely

Thesis title: Tools for quantifying diversity and composition patterns of wild bees in the Arava Rift Valley and the effect of honey bees on these patterns 
Thesis abstractPDF

ראה גם: Yael Mandelik

Itai vanRijn 

Thesis title: Evaluation of the ‘Higher Taxa Approach’ for assessing patterns of species richness and composition in Bee communities 
Thesis abstractPDF

ראה גם: Yael Mandelik

Hadas Marshall

Thesis title: The effects of bee characteristics and foraging history on the pollination efficiency of bees in a desert environment

Thesis abstractPDF

ראה גם: Yael Mandelik

Adir Golan

Thesis title: The effect of wild flowers bloom in agricultural field margins on diversity patterns and activity of honey bees and wild bees

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Tal Shapira

Thesis title: The effect of cattle grazing on bee diversity along a climatic gradient.

Thesis abstractPDF


Yael Brener

Thesis title: The effect of pollinators' diversity on pollination services and reproductive success of wild plants. PDF


Ziv Omer

Thesis title:  The link between pollinators' diversity and pollination services and possible mechanisms underlying this link in the pollination of seed watermelon (Citrullus lanatus). PDF


Idan Eliakim

Idan studies the effect of wild bloom along strawberry field  edges on pollinator diversity and their pollination activity within the fields. 


Oded Winberger

Oded studies the effect of pest management practices (IPM vs conventional management) on pollinator diversity in apple orchards.


Tamar Chaprazaro

Thesis title: Bee communities and pollination networks in planted pine forests compared to adjacent shrublands. PDF


Omri Avrech

Thesis title: The effect of distance from honeybee hives on wild pollinator activity, crop quality and crop quantity in apple orchards PDF