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The Department of Entomology
The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Herzl 229, Rehovot 7610001, ISRAEL

Tel: 08-9489223 
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Join Us


Thank you for your interest in our research and for considering the possibility of joining us. Positions and opportunities become available from time to time so I may be on the lookout for new enthusiastic undergraduate students, excellent graduate students, and promising post-doctoral fellows to join the lab.

Several opportunities exist for undergraduate students to gain research experience in ecology and plant protection. Students may assist with lab and field experiments, conduct an independent research project or, if you are an Amirim (Honor) student, perform your own research, which could be part of your M.Sc. thesis later on. So feel free to send me an email or stop by my office (Eizenberg Bldg., room 2) for more information.

I accept M.Sc. and Ph.D. students primarily through two graduate programs (Hugim) on campus, "Agroecology and Plant Health Program" and " Environmental Quality and Natural Resources". Each program has a different focus, they provide different training, and have different requirements. Consult the programs' websites ( and program heads to explore how these programs could match your interest and long-term goals. Then, I invite you to contact me by email or in person (Eizenberg Bldg., room 2) for more information.

In my work with the students I :

  • expect each student to have an intellectual input in shaping his or her research project;
  • make myself available to the students. 
    This, however, differ between students as some need more guidance than others;
  • encourage students to interact with others in the lab, the department and elsewhere; and
  • strive to create a productive, intellectually-interesting, collaborative atmosphere in the lab
    so the years of hard work in the lab are challenging , rewarding, enjoyable and memorable.


Usually, students are supported by research grants that I receive and their work is therefore on topics related to those grants. A few graduate students may receive Teaching Assistantships to supplement their fellowships. However, there are only a few TA's in the Entomology Department. Some students, and more so post doctoral fellows, may be supported by scholarships or other funding sources that they have secured (often with my help). In either case, I expect all the students to become well informed in their respective fields, take initiatives in proposing new research directions, actively pursue additional funding sources, and teach themselves new methodologies and approaches.

Finally, lab alumni have been highly successful in their post graduate placement. Some hold now academic (Tel Hai College, Hebrew University) or research positions in Israel (Agriculture Research Organization, Tel Aviv University) and abroad (Ethiopia, Nepal, New Zealand); others work with International NGO's, serve as research technicians in the public and private sectors (Agriculture Research Organization, Bio-Bee), hold various positions in agribusiness (seed companies, pollination service providers, agricultural export, nurseries, more), and one even serves as a science reporter on Israel National Radio. I am very proud of them all. I believe that their experience working in basic and applied insect ecology made it all possible.